Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Salam utk orang muda yg penuh semangat,

Saya dah 47 yrs old, pernah kerja swasta, gomen (DOSH) & business sendiri.

Sekadar berkongsi pengalaman. Semasa umur muda, usahakan untuk "plan apa yang anda mahu" @ "What do you want" dgn jelas & baik-baik. Seek advice dari otai2 yang sincere is very important.

Ingat, apa yang kita mahu itu tak semestinya baik untuk kita.

Sebab itulah, yang penting, "niat" mesti baik/ikhlas untuk dekat dgn Allah, kemudian tawakkal & ambil keputusan. Insya-ALLAH anda tidak menyesal di kemudian hari.

Kerja gomen memang relax di banding dengan kerja dgn swasta @ business sendiri. My advise, Dgn Diploma yang anda miliki, anda mesti ada hasrat untuk ambil Degree jika ingin meningkat kerjaya & pendapatan. Kalau nak further study full time semasa dgn gomen, mesti confirm dulu, tunggu queue & ikut seniority sbb org lain pun ada yg nk study juga. Exam gomen kena plan ambik cepat says within 1-2 years clear.

Oil & Gas adalah bidang yg bagus & berbaloi utk org muda yg minat cabaran/challenging dibandingkan dgn kerjaya di bidang2 yg lain. Ganjaran pendapatan yang lumayan untuk jangka panjang.

Fikir dalam2 & masak2 sebelum duat sebarang keputusan, sebab yang nak tanggung tu diri kita sendiri.

Ingat selalu pesan ini, "Kita dihormati kerana ilmu yang bermanfaat yang di amalkan bukan kerana pangkat atau harta yang kita miliki"

Decision is in your hand. Semoga kita berjaya memperolehi "kebaikan di dunia dan akhirat".


Friday, June 10, 2011

It's good advice to get a second opinion.

Unethical Doctors

It's good advice to get a second opinion.

There were many instances, too. A friend of mine was diagnosed as a having a
septic leg and being a diabetic, he was told by the Damansara Specialist
Centre (at TDI) doctors that the leg up to his ankle must be amputated since
gangrene had already set in. It wouldl cost RM25K just to saw off the leg. I
told him to get 2nd opinion at the UKM Hosp (Govt) Specialist Centre. The
specialists there told him that there was nothing wrong with the leg and gave
him antibiotics instead. Today (4 years after the incidence) , at age 61, he
is still working and doing things such as climbing without much problems.

What would it be if he had listened to the unscrupulous doctors at Damansara
Sp Centre? He would be walking with crutches, poorer by 25K and without a job
to support his family. What a shame for these "Ugly Malaysians". I am sure
there are many similar instances which everyone can share.

So be careful, Malaysian Specialists are giving the nation a bad name. They
want to make money and make the patients suffer (more so if you have an
insurance coverage). It is best to seek 2nd and 3rd opinion to be very

Dear friends,

I am a general surgeon in private practice in Kuala Lumpur . I would like to
bring to the attention of the public the unethical practices of some doctors
in private practice.

An 8-year-old boy was brought to see me by his father after suffering from
fever, cough and vomiting for 1 day. He DID NOT HAVE ANY ABDOMINAL PAIN. He
was initially seen by a general practitioner who insisted that the father
bring him to see surgeon G at a specific private medical centre in Kuala
Lumpur. The father at first refused and had wanted to bring his son to the
medical centre where he was born but relented when the medical practitioner
said that surgeon G will order some blood tests and will send his son home
with some medications.

However, when he brought his son to see surgeon G, the surgeon examined his
son's abdomen and pressed so hard that he elicited pain. Then the surgeon
told the father that the son had a perforated appendix and insisted that he
be operated the same night. The father was baffled because his son did not
have any abdominal pain prior to that excrutiating examination but he
reluctantly agreed upon insistence by the surgeon. About 1 hour prior to the
surgery, the father suspected that something was not right and he asked for
his son to be discharged. He then brought his son to see me.

The first thing I noticed was that the boy had a slight cough but he was
very active. His father told him to jump to prove that he did not have any
abdominal pain, which he did with great enthusiasm. After a thorough
examination, I was convinced that the boy did not have appendicitis and
definitely not a perforated one. I treated him symptomatically for upper
respiratory tract infection and sent him home with some medications. The
father was outraged with what happened to his son earlier but he was
relieved that his son was saved from an unnecessary surgery. Professionally,
I could not tell him that surgeon G may have tried to cheat him but, in my
heart, I knew that was the case because I knew surgeon G very well and had
inherited a few of his patients whom he operated upon and had botched the

The next day, surgeon G called me and asked what happened to the patient. I
told him I was certain that the boy did not have a perforated appendix but
he insisted that the boy was very sick and had rigors (severe shivering)
when he first saw him. Surgeon G said the boy improved tremendously after
one dose of antibiotics. In my years of practice, I have not come across one
case where one dose of antibiotics can cure a case of perforated
appendicitis. IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! He also said that the boy's father
was a liar and had lied about his son not having any abdominal pain. Well,
dear readers, I am a parent too. No father will lie about his son's health
because he would have wanted the best treatment for his son.

I suspect surgeon G is giving kickbacks to many general practitioners to
send patients to him to operate. In return, he would pay these general
practitioners for each patient referred to him. He would cooperate with the
general practitioners to convince the patients that they need urgent
surgery. I have personally worked with surgeon G and I know that his skills
are questionable. He told me once that it is alright for a patient to have a
recurrent disease as a result of his incomplete surgery because he would
then refer the patient to another surgeon to tackle the problem. He had
caused one death from a thyroid operation and at least 2 cases of
complications after gall bladder surgeries which he refused to admit fault. In
his clinic he has medical books with pictures of dangerous diseases which he
uses to scare his patients into accepting surgery.

I am writing this to alert the public that there are doctors who are out for
money only and are unethical in their practices. It breaks my heart that
there are such individuals practising freely and fleecing off unsuspecting
and vulnerable patients and giving this noble profession a bad name. The
only defence patients have is to be knowledgeable about their own illnesses
and not be afraid to ask questions. All patients have to right to a second
opinion and no doctors should coerce their patients to accept treatment
against their will. The only consolation I have is that most doctors, both
in public and private practice, are still ethical and are sincere in helping
their patients.

Please circulate this article to your friends and loved ones and lets hope
no one will suffer in the hands of surgeons like surgeon G. Also, beware of
the general practitoner who insists that you see a particular specialist in
a particular hospital because he could be working hand-in-hand with that

Thank you.



Monday, June 06, 2011


Kita selalunya terlupa untuk merujuk balik term and condition dalam offer letter. Sebaliknya, kita terus signed tanpa membaca dengan teliti, tentang hak kita sebagai pekerja, hak majikan dan juga lain.

Saya bukan racist, cuma saya lebih suka sekiranya kita bersatu sebagai muslim. Banyak org cina, india dan bangsa lain, beragama islam dan kalau kita bersatu sebagai muslim, pasti benda ini tidak terjadi.

Lagi satu, saya ingin bertanya, kenapa kita tidak mengamalkan konsep bersyukur? Mungkin syarikat tersebut indah khabar dari rupa tapi saya rasa hujah yang diutarakan tidak profesional. Saya hairan, dalam masa yang sama, kita circulate info pasal keagamaan, pasal menjadi muslim yang baik, pasal menambahkan iman tapi apa yang kita lakukan ini adalah sebaliknya.

Saya bukanlah alim ulama, tapi iman senipis kulit bawang saja. Kita sebagai profesional, hendaklah meneliti isu ini secara bijak. Selagi syarikat itu tidak melanggar undang2 buruh malaysia, selagi itu tiada kesalahan. Hanya perasaan tidak puas hati, disebabkan kehendak kita tidak dipenuhi. Mungkin, tuan2 semua dpt peluang lebih baik, jadi pergilah ke sana. Biarlah mereka yang masih muda dan hijau ini mencuba nasib, mencari rezeki dan menimba pengalaman di kencana.

Bila sudah dpt tawaran yang lebih bagus, pergila ke tempat lain pula. Itu lumrah manusia yang bekerja. Lebih2 lagi dlm industri oil and gas ni, lompat sana sini adalah biasa.