Friday, March 31, 2006


I found this from ACAI’s blog and it seems like an interesting thing to do. I did edited it a lil bit :)

1. First Best Friend : Azwandi. He was my classmate in Sek. Keb. Pengkalan Chepa. He was really really my best friend. We're always together everywhere and in anything that we did. I want to go to school everyday, so I can met him and doing things together happily. Sadly, I moved to other school when i was in standard 4 and lost contact ever since. I really hope that i can meet him someday. What is he doing rite now ? How he looks like now ? Maybe he already forget about me...
2. First item you stole : money from my mum's purse when i was in primary school. It so tempting to watch my friends have their meals at canteen. FYI, my mum never gave any pocket money to school coz she prepared meal for me to eat during recess time and she assumed it was unnecessary to give me pocket money. I was beaten so badly with toilet slippers, stick and she did pinched my hands when i was caught. since that moment, she gave me 50 cents everyday to school. yeay!!
3. First pet : Colorful little chickens. I have 5 siblings and everyone got one with different color. of coz i chosed little chicken in red. Sadly, they died when they still young coz the hut was flooded during rainy season.
4. First piercing : not really into it but loved to watch people with piercing. hope my future hubby has one.
5. First school : Taski Al-Hilal, Padang Bongor, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu. I love this kindergarten coz i can learn arabic languange, nasyid and everything about islamic things in details. I continued my study there until standard 4 before i moved away. Of coz not Taski anymore but Tahfiz, for primary & secondary school. Besides, they allow "lompat kelas" if ur smart enuff. (Of coz i'm in the first class and also the youngest student)
6. First house location : Kampung Chicha, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
7. First Crush : My school mate during primary school when i was in standard 6. His name is Ahmad Zaidi Shah. He was the headstudent and he was so nice to me and always back me up when anyone said bad things to me. Rite now, he already become an ustaz at a secondary school, somewhere at Johor.
8. First Kiss : With my buddy when i was 14 years old. At that time, he was beaten soo badly by our seniors becoz he was caught smoking in the hostel. A friend brought him to me and asked me to take care of him. I was so shocked and almost cried when i saw his condition, he was half-dead. He cried (1st time, i see a real man crying) and swore that he'll never smoke again (liar!! he keep on smoking after that incident) I calmed him down and put the medicine. He want me to be beside him for that nite. We didnt sleep coz we talked all nite long. He was very grateful to have me as his friend and for taking care of him. Then he kiss me as showing his appreciation. Since then, we're in "sweet relationship" until form 5.
9. First Car : Dont have any but i assumed, my father's proton savvy gonna be mine coz he told me that i should pay for the car when i got a job. Is that count ?
10. First Job : Salesman at Kedai Kasut Sogo in Kota Bharu

1. Last time you smoked : About an hour ago
2. Last food you ate : Mc Donald's Foldover
3. Last movie you watched on DVD at home : Jarhead
4. Last movie you watched at the cinema : Date Movie. This movie was so funny.
5. Last text message : "Mama, along forward no. farid. Sms yg 1st tu." ---> sms to my mum.
6. Last music video you saw : Siti Nurhaliza - Biarlah Rahsia (Live at APM06)
7. Last song you listened to : Mawi - Hanya Untukmu. Soundtrack from a malay movie, Persona Non Grata. (I dont like Mawi but this song really touch my heart and love the way he sing, so passionate. Wanna listen the song ? find the link at ur left)
8. Last words you said : "Ko masak nasik ke ? Kenapa nampak mcm mentah je ? Ko letak cukup air tak ?" --> talking to Farid, my only housemate.
9. Last big & terrible fight : I had this big fight with my loved ones when i was in form 4. He was a prefect back there and i just a normal student. At that time, he really mad at me over such a small thing and he shouted soo loud at me. I fought back and shouted angrily to him. Our friends stopped us. The next day, he reported the case to the disicplinary teacher and i got slapped 2 times. He just standing there and watched with smiling face. I controlled not to burst in tears in front of him and that damn teacher. When that session over. I rushed to the toilet and cried as loud as i want. I was really really hurt, at that time. And, I swore myself that i wont forgive him. I didnt talk to him for 6 months although he tried to have a word with me and asking for forgiveness. When, we're in form 5, after that 6 months, he came to me and once again asking for forgiveness. He swore to me that he wont do that again and he really want me to be his once again. I accepted his apology and we're becoming happy couple, once again. We're having so much fun and great time during my last year in secondary school. Rite now, he pursuing his master at USM and unfortunately, we're just friend not lover anymore.

1. Dated a bestfriend : Yes
2. Been arrested : Nope and I dont want to
3. Been on TV : Nope. But i want to be on it at least once.
4. Eaten sushi : Yes and i love it although i really hate it before
5. Cheated on your spouse : Yes but a long time ago when I was still red-blooded teenager. Now, i dont want to be like that anymore. One is enuff for me.
6. Been on a blind date : Yes.
7. Been out of the country : Yes.
8. Been in love : Oh yes! But now, almost 2 years without it.


1. Long sleeves blue shirt, G200 (gift from a friend, really appreciate it)
2. Black pant
3. Black shoe
4. Red boxer
5. Dark blue socks
6. Colorless contact lenses
7. Name tag

1. Checked my emails, updating my blog, read online newspaper
2. Attended post-mortem meeting
3. Continue my translation task
4. Prepare the stationeries package for meeting, next week.
5. Meeting Sha, asking my digicam back
6. Grab value meals at Mc Donald for my dinner and smoked 2 cigarettes for desert.

1. Hanging out with my best friends (which are scattered far away from one to another)
2. A movie rally and non-stop karaoke and do it alone. Give me totally freedom to choose what movie and song to sing
3. Sleeping without distraction.
4. Surfing the net. i can spend hours just for downloading everything from the net
5. Eat. Diet plan just a dream.

1. Myself
2. My best friends
3. My mom
4. My loved one (if i have one)

1. To have my loved one beside me and know that the person will always love me.
2. Donate some of my money for charity
3. To have childs (of coz, i adopt them)

1. Vanilla or Chocolate : Of coz, chocoloate !!!
2. Rock or Rap : Pop (can ar?)

1. A person that admires me, now he's in KL and the one that i admire, now he's in Melaka (it still count as 1, rite ?)

p/s: all of these, make me realize that, so many things that i want to do/have but i'm unable to accomplished it now. Besides, some of the questions make me recall back my sweet memories. how i missed all the things in the past. Anyway, just look ahead and plan for the future in this present time.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Aku nak tunjukkan yang cancer je sbb aku pun ada cancer's sign (18th July 1982)

Cancer Employee Profile (june 22 - july 21)

The Cancer employee isn't at work to feed their ego, their job is just a job and a means to get paid. They work steadily and are usually very reliable. You'll be able to depend on them to show up on time and do what is necessary.

They won't get involved in power struggles or get upset when someone advances before them. They are able to accept the situation because they see it simply as a rung on the ladder up.

Their motivation is security. They'll want more money the longer they've stayed at a job. They don't want to have to worry about how they'll make ends meet tomorrow so they'll need a stable position without much risk.

Cancerian workers can slip into some dark moods on occasion. During these periods productivity tends to drop-as well as everyone else's in the office. Their moods can be so strong everyone becomes affected. To avoid the frequency of these occurrences, managers and co-workers should try to make the work environment as homey as possible-keep it well heated, cozy, and friendly.

Don't press them to reveal their true inner thoughts-their tendency is to be secretive and protective, and they could see prying as an attempt to disturb their security.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Aku malas nak tulis apa2, just nak upload gambar sajork. kiranya, ini adalah antara aktiviti dlm internship aku. kat sini, aku berpeluang buat sendiri audiometry testing. This test, nak measures sama ada korang dah pekak ke blom lps bekerja dlam keadaan bunyi bising serta terdedah kepada keadaan tersebut dalam waktu yang lama.

Image hosting by Photobucket inilah struktur dalam telinga

Image hosting by Photobucket aku tgh run audiometry test machine

Image hosting by Photobucket berada di dalam silent booth with earmuff

Image hosting by Photobucket aku & syamdun. staff sama section ngan aku

Image hosting by Photobucket aku, syai, ali & meimoan bersama syamdun, bergambar bersama dlm hearing room


Put about 100 bricks in no particular order in a closed room with an open window. Next, send two or three candidates into the room and close the door. Leave them for 6 hours, them come back and analyse the situation.

If they are counting the bricks:
Put them in the Accounts Department

If they are recounting them:
Put them in Auditing

If they are arranging the bricks in some strange order:
Put them in Planning

If they have broken the bricks into pieces:
Put them in Information Technology

If they say they have tried different combinations, yet not a brick has been moved:
Put them in Sales

If they are throwing the bricks at each other:
Put them in Operations

If they have messed up the whole place with the bricks:
Put them in Engineering

If they are staring out of the window:
Put them in Strategic Planning

If they are sitting idle:
Put them in Human Resources

If they are sleeping:
Put them in Reception

If they have already left for the day:
Put them in Marketing

Last but not least .....

If they are talking to each other and not a single brick has been moved:
Congratulate them and put them in top management!!!


Husband & Wife

A young wife, who was becoming frustrated with her young husband constant demands for sex, decides to make a schedule for him, to cut down on the amount of times that they will have to make love for the rest of their marriage.

While getting ready for work, she writes on a piece of paper, "Honey,you know I love you, but your never ending requests for sex are leaving me drained and really tired. So I propose that we only have sex on days that start with the letter 'T', to minimise the frequency of our lovemaking sessions. Don't be mad at me honey, just understand where I am coming from, and let me know if my request is too demanding of you."

On her way out the door, she uses a refrigerator magnet and sticks the note to the fridge door,hoping that her sex craved husband will be understanding and accepting of her proposal when he reads it.

Upon returning home, she glances at the refrigerator and notices that her note has been replaced with a note from her husband that reads,"Baby, I didn't'realise that I was putting you under so much pressure and I'm sorry.I accept your proposal and have even taken the extra step of listing at the bottom of this letter, those days starting with the letter 'T' to make sure that we are on the same page.


P/S: I love you too, and remember it's still TODAY, I am waiting for you upstairs."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bagaimana Mencegah Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis adalah musuh kepada tulang yang rapuh. Semakin usia meningkat tua, senaman perlu dilakukan bagi mengimbangi kekuatan tulang. Olih itu senaman berjalan selama 10 atau 15 minit sehari adalah perlu !!!!!!!!!

Selain dari itu anda wajib/harus :-

1. Makan makanan yang kaya dengan kalsium seperti SUSU, DADIH, TAUFU, KEKACANG dan SAYURAN BERDAUN HIJAU.

2. Lakukan SENAMAN secara tetap dan berterusan seperti BERJOGGING, BERJALAN LAJU, SENAMROBIK dan MENUNGGANG BASIKAL.

3. Kurangkan pengambilan MINUMAN BERGAS, TEH dan KOPI.

4. Elakkan makanan yang terlalu MASIN.

5. Dedahkan diri kepada CAHAYA MATAHARI PAGI jika perlu.


weekend ni, aku lepak kat umah sajork. tade apa nak dibuat, just baring2 guling atas tilam je...nak masak pun malas. aku makan je hamper yg aku menang masa dinner ari tu. bosan2, aku capture la gambar kat screen monitor aku ni. tp, ni bukan pc di pc kat umah. kalo pc kat opis, maunya nnt kena soal jawab ngan boss. "gambar sapa ko letak ni ?" " gambar kawan saya, boss...."

Image hosting by Photobucket latest pic di wallpaper pc aku

bosan2, snap2 pic sendiri. memang tade kerja kan....nak kuar rumah malas, kalo tak, leh gak snap2 gambar pilak kat tepi jalan raya. ada gak yg cando(PILAK = pendatang asing dr pilipina) pilak tu panggilan setempat kat sabah ni. spek merah ni pun, RM2 saja harganya. tp nampak menarik, so aku beli la...orang bukan perasan pun, mahal murah spek ni kan...asalkan aku rasa selesa, dah cukup. pedulila apa orang nak kata.

Image hosting by Photobucket tgh berangan pose sexy ngan spek merah

tgh berangan jd model filem blue tp sbnrnya nak tayang rantai tu. 1st time aku beli rantai sendiri. selama ni, aku tak pernah ada. kalo nak pakai pun, pinjam org punya sajork. sah2la si katong yg jd tukang sponsor nya.

Image hosting by Photobucket sejuknya malam ni, tido sorang2 kat umah

bila dah dok sorang2 kat la kerja aku. snap gambar sendiri. walaupun sunyi tapi aku suka sbb lebih aman dan tenteram..nak tergolek, terlentang pun, aku punya suka la...bolehla lari2 bogel2 dlama umah. si farid selalu je "outstation". berdakwah sana sini.


warning lagi sekali : jgn percaya gak tarikh dlm ganbar2 tu...lupa nak adjust.

on 24th March 06, aku join dinner ni. dinner ni adalah bertujuan utk bg awards kat staff2 yg cemerlang. tp, aku trainee sajork, so tak tercalon la, kalo tidak2, sah2la aku yg menang utk trainee paling gigih surf internet waktu opis hour...hehehe :P Tapi, aku jd ajk utk dinner malam ni. kiranya jd org penting gakla walaupun nan ado buat kerjanya, datang utk makan sajork !!! tp disebabkan ada org komen, blog aku penuh ngan gambar2 tgh melantak, so aku taknak letak gambar2 makan atau makanan. lain entry aku letak balik. :P

event ni, di buat di MAGELLAN SUTERA HARBOUR RESORT. sempatla aku snap satu gambar yg menjadi lambang resort ni. memandai je claim..hehehe. tapi cantikla resort ni. 5 stars ni, kalo tak silap aku, kiranya, ni la hotel paling melethops kat kota kinabalu ni. cantik gakla, tp tak sempat nak round2, bz rehearsal di sblh siang dan buzy bekerja di sblh malam sbg ajk.

Image hosting by Photobucketwelcome to sutera harbour beach resort !!!

ni lah, kerja aku, jd receptionist sajork. aku ngan wan kena pastikan yg semua staff register sebelum masuk ballroom. yelah, saja nak tgk brapa ramia yg datang. atas kertas, katanya dekat 200 org. tak taula kalo tetiba malam ni bertambah2 plak orang nyer. tema malam ni, is urban dan men must wear black and ladies must in red.

Image hosting by Photobucketaku ngan wan menjaga registration counter

so, inila baju aku. tp recycle sajork. baju ni, aku dah pakai 2 atau 3 tahun lepas, masa dinner batch aku, di utp tu. dan baju inilah jugak yg menyebabkan aku menang best dress. dress ke ? tadela, menang king of da nite, sajork. kawan aku, si zulaikha menang queen of da nite. mmg cantik baju dia, ala2 nampak lurah lite2. tp dia mmg cantik pun kalo tanpa dress tu. ni, tgh posing bersama2 staff yg juga jd ajk pada mlm tu. diorang jaga counter lucky draw. sebelah menyebelah je, meja diorang.

Image hosting by Photobucketbergambar bersama-sama ajk

menu malam tu, sedap sgt!!! melantak tak hengat tp tak perlu la tunjuk gambar tgh melahap kan ? baik tunjuk gambar2 suasana dinner, lagi memeri kan ? gambar kat bawah ni, aku paling suka. heheheh....akhirnya aku dpt bergambar ngan mr. constantine & mr. robin. memula nak amik gambar berdua2an je, tp nnt nampak obvious sgt, apa plak org kata kan ? so, kenala ambik gambar bertiga-tigaan. sah2la si wan jd cameraman aku malam tu. aku suka tgk diorang ni. constantine comel sajork, robin pun comel gak tp misteri...*matila mak, suka orang tua. cuma, melepas nak bergambar ngan org paling hot malam tu, hairi dr LGAST (Labuan Gas Terminal). cepat sgt dia balik, tau2 je aku nak bergambar ngan dia. sentap !! *matilah mak, pecah lobang sendiri....

Image hosting by Photobucketi love this picture, mr constantine in the middle with mr robin next to him. dpt gak bergambar ngan diorg. yeay!!!

ni aku rasa couple paling hangat malam tu, dr kalangan trainees. memang sehati sejiwa, gaya oriental lagi. aku pun dulu ada satu baju cam ali tu, warna kuning tp sayang, baju tu aku basuh guna washing machine, turun color baju lain...terus jadi baju tompok2 merah kuning, dah mcm bendera selangor. simpan saja la dlm almari, tak pakai2 dah sampai sekarang.

Image hosting by Photobuckethot couple of the nite. ali & meimoan in oriental style

session bergambar beramai2, sure la ada kan ? ngan staff2 sbo ni. dan ntah sapa punya award, aku pinjam utk digayakan, berangan sajork...apa salahnya kan ?

Image hosting by Photobucketbergambar beramai2 selepas habis dinner

setiap kali event, for sure do la kena ada gambar solo kan ? ni pose solo dr aku. sorry, tade posse tgh melantak dah...hehehe

Image hosting by Photobucketthis is me...

dah habis dinner, geng2 trainees...ramai2 conquer stage, bergambar sakan. macam budak2 sgt. yelah, dah kitorang je yg paling muda dalam ballroom tu. lain2 semua dah kertu. tanpa trainees ni, sapa lagi nak jd kuli batak kat opis kan,, aku happy sgt internship kat sini. macam2 event aku leh join. dan aku tak terasa jd kuli batak coz aku bekerja ngan hati yg tenang dan redha. bg aku semua kerja yg diberi pasti ada hikmahnya dan mestila dilaksanakan ngan sebaik mungkin. *matilah mak, tade satu pun aktiviti berkaitan engineering

Image hosting by Photobucketall trainees in one picture

aku dikepit oleh 2 gadis jelita. konon2nya berangan nak jd panca sitara la. tapi, tak cukup korum. bertiga pun bolehla tp kalo dah bertiga sajork, jadi destiny's child la kan ?

Image hosting by Photobucketme with emily & pija

aku tgk, selendang bulu2 si meimoan tu nampak cantik sgt, so aku pinjam la utk posing2 ngan camera aku ni, apa lagi wan, cepatla snap gambar aku. harus nnt, kena beli satu. nak gak ada selendang bulu2, muffler dah ada...

Image hosting by Photobucketsilent moment

akhirnya, aku menang gak lucky draw. selama ni, tak pernah menang pun, tangan aku ni tak pernahnya nak bertuah utk lucky draw tp kali ni, menjadi plak. tp kira lucky ke, kalo letak nama sendiri dlm list pemenang ? hehehe...

Image hosting by Photobucketfinally, i won this lucky draw !!!

totally tired rite now. kenyang dan mengantuk, lepak2 la kejap kat lobby sebelum berangkat pulang. hadiah dah dpt, bergambar ngan org yg disukai pun dah..... kiranya mission accomplished....

Image hosting by Photobuckettired, just sit and relax

gambar penutup, diserikan ngan aksi bergelumang dgn ballons. budak2 ni mmg...pantang nampak ballons sure semua berebut nak ambik bawak balik. bukan ada pekdah pun... mujurla aku tak jd macam diorang q day ari tu, aku ambik gak ballons hijau tuh. heheheh, kembang elok lagi, kat tepi cubicle aku ni...

Image hosting by Photobucketlast picture, with balloons

last words, mmg aku enjoy gila malam tu....the best dinner yg aku pernah join. walaupun sound system kureng tp i've so much fun. tak sabar2 utk event yg seterusnya. NEXT !!


Memula nak ckp, jgn percaya tarikh kat gambar2 tu. kamera ni bengong sikit, dah ubah tarikh yg betul pun, ttp nak tukar tarikh sendiri. mmg digicam gila. seswai la, harga pun murah sajork, brand ben-q sajork.

ari jumaat, 24th march 06 ada meeting di SBGAST (Sabah Gas Terminal) ngan contractor. meeting jam 9 pagi, mr david, kak linda & myself pergila ke Tuaran sana untk attend meeting tu. actually, aku tade kena mengena pun but disebabkan aku ni under intership program, so diorg bawakla aku, utk tgk camne rupanya contractor meeting ni. aku naik keta kak linda dan sesampai je kat sana, kena register dulu kat pondok pengawal. kat sini, kawalan keselamatn agak ketat. yelah, nama pun terminal gas, jd sebarang alatan elektronik tidak dibenarkan dibawa masuk. kena tinggal kat pondok pengawal ni.

Image hosting by Photobucket pemandangan SBGAST dr pondok pengawal

lepas register, pak guard tu akan bg visitor pass dan kena la letak pass tu kat board ni. kiranya, sng la diorang nak monitor movement org2 dlm terminal ni. kenapa aku rs mcm dah buat je entry psl SBGAST ni ?

Image hosting by Photobucket semua pelawat mesti mengambil pass dan letakkannya di sini

ni la, peta SBGAST. besar gakla terminal ni. terminal ni hanya collect gas and gas condensate. kiranya oil tade kat terminal ni. oil, labuan yg jaga, tu pun kongsi2 ngan shell. terminal ni, berhampiran ngan karambunai resort. org kata karambunai resort cantik sgt2 tapi aku tak berpeluang lagi nak ke sana. harap2, nnt ada event buat kat sana dan aku le join. mrasa la overnite kat resort tu, sipa ada lagoon lagi. org kata lagi cantik dr tanjung aru.

Image hosting by Photobucket map of SBAST

saja je nak pose cantik kat tepi peta ni. konon2nya jd tourist guide la tp aku pun br 2 kali ke sini. yela, dept aku bukannya pasal teknikal, jd jaran2g la ke sini. unless kalo ada meeting pasal environment, baru la ke sini.

Image hosting by Photobucket kita berada di sini skrg

dlm jam 11 pagi, meeting pun abis. meeting ni, lebih kurang mcm bertemu mata ngan new contractor. diorang baru je di award kan contract. contract utk handle scheduled waste kat terminal ni. yuol tau tak apa tu ? kan, ada kes ammonia kat johor tu, ammonia pun termasuk dlm scheduled waste gak. lebih kurang camtula tp terminal ni tak produced ammonia tp other type of scheduled waste. byk sgt jenis2nya, aku pun tak abis nak menghafal manual pasal scheduled waste ni.

Image hosting by Photobucket new construction, tak tau diorang nak bina apa plak ni...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Semalam, wan ajak aku survey2 baju kat kompleks karamunsing. nak cari baju utk dinner malam jumaat ni. aku malas nak beli baju baru. just pakai baju lama je. dapat jimat duit sikit, kan ? so, masa lunch hour, terus kitorang ke sana. sebelum tu, wan dah call sha, ajak lunch sesama kat situ. kebetulan plak, opis sha, atas kompleks tu je. so leh la makan sama2. dah sampai ke sana, terus cari port nak makan. dah beli segala, harusla melantak dulu kan...nnt perut lapar plak, time nak pilih2 baju tu... sempatla snap2 gambar masa makan. pose ayu & jelita serta aksi melahap sempatla dirakamkan.

Image hosting by Photobucket pose bersama di kafe yg terletak di kompleks karamunsing

Image hosting by Photobucket kusyuknya, sha makan~~

Image hosting by Photobucket wan ni, sempat posing lagi tu...

Image hosting by Photobucket aku pun nak posing gak :P

Image hosting by Photobucket dah kenyang ke sha ?

Image hosting by Photobucket sha, tolong amik gambar aku ngan wan ni, berdua-duaan

dah makan, jalan2 pulak cari baju. masuk kedai tu, masuk kedai ni tp tade satu pun yg wan berkenan. semua nan ado. yg ada pulak, very ders eksi, transparent bagai. kalo six pack takpe gakla nak pakai. ni 3 pack je yg ado (perut+2 buah dada). last2, balik tangan kosong sajork. kendian la beli...masih ada masa lagi, kan wan ? masalahnya, chantek ke ko, semua baju tak berkenan ? baju atau ko yg tak chantek ? *matilah mak, kena maki pasni.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


yuol dah tgk American Idol 5 ? i tak dpt nak tgk kat tv sbb umah i tade tv. mujurlah ada internet connection. bolehla gak i mendonlod performance diorang. start dr audition sampaila ke the recent eps, top 12. semuanya i tgk. tapi, season ni, tak se best season2 lepas. but, obviously i'm rooting for ace young. kalo tak, tak perlula aku letak gambar dia dlm blog aku ni.

Image hosting by Photobucket during audition

sore dia sedap walaupun not the best vocal. anh he's sexy too. no doubt it :) but, aku suka style dia nyanyi. sungguh menarik dan tertarik aku melihatnya. lebih2 lagi, kalo dia buat pose muka innocent tu. rasa nak comolot sajork.

Image hosting by Photobucket during the photoshoot

ni, gamnbar latest dia. selepas berjaya menjadi top 24. i like this picture so much. he's so gorgeous. actually, i love his picture when he was still in high-school. with short hair, and buffed body...cannot stop staring at him. :P

Image hosting by Photobucket during his 1st performance on the American Idol 5 - Top 24

now, dia pun sudah ada dlm Top 12. dan last week, he was saved from elimination. he's sailing thru this competition. this week, he'll be competing with other 11 finalists in 50's music theme. i hope, he will give the best performance. VOTE 4 ACE YOUNG. kita kat malaysia ni, leh vote ke, kaedahnya ? harap2, American will vote him la.


Akak2, sekalian. Tolonglah saya...

"Saya tau orang tu suka saya dan dia tau, saya suka dia. Tapi sampai skrg, tade sapa pun nak mulakan 1st step. Saya takut kena reject kalo saya buat confession dan saya tak tau sama ada dia betul2 sukakan saya atau hanya sebagai kawan. Apa harus saya buat ?"

Ajak dia tgk movie & makan. ckp kat dia, ko ajak kawan2 ko & dia sekali. butsebenranya korang dua je. Bile dia tanya masa hari korang date tu, cakapla kawan2 ko yang lain ada hal & tak dpt datang. Bila dah tinggal berdua, pandai2la proceed. Make it intimate. Try bergurau & buat joke sex but jgn over. Jangan gopoh. Buat dia macam kawan biasa. Good Luck.
- Rosdayung -

Plu ? Em...try say, boleh cium tak ? saja je...kalo leh cium...cium pipi je...tgk kalo dia cium ko balik maksudnya ade respon la yuol!!!. leh la ciktut segala...
- Sharipah Mahsurei -

Dalam kes kau, aku merasakan baik kau approach sajork memandangkan kau mmg confident x hengat. Kalau aku, mcm biasa...aku berangan diva, minta diapproach takut bahana menimpa. *matila siapa yg kena ketuk kepala kat klcc itew.
- Kebede -

Sebenarnya aku baru je mengalami bende yang sama macam kau & sampai sekarang aku tak confess kat orang tu, sampailah aku dapat tau dia baru declare dgn someone else. Berminggu2 aku frsut & menyesal sbb tak buat confession kat dia. So, jangan jadi macam aku. Yous should go & get him. Rejection is 2nd thing, dont think about it yet. Ingat, broken hearts offen caused by unspoken words. Good Luck.
- Marleha Lacur -

Jgn letak harapan, just go wit da flow, takut ko yang merana tak tentu pasal. Lainla ko nak amik risiko kena reject dan tak sama situasi lps ni, buat biasa je takut dia tak rasa apa. ok, adik.
- Auntie Lorea Ghani -

Sampai bile nak tunggu, semua org tak suka rejection butsomebody has to make the first move.
- Azie Watie -

Ko patut mulakan dulu. Ko patut cakap macam ni, "*****, aku sebenarnya admire kat ko @ suka tengok ko @ suka kat ko @ minat ngan ko. Aku tak kisah ko suka atau tak pada aku. Kalo ko suka, aku amatberbesar hati. Tapi kalo ko tak suka, aku nak buat camner & yang penting sekali, aku cuma nak ko tahu yang aku memang suka gile kat ko walau apa jua anggapan ko pada aku." You'll be satisfied even you might be rejected becoz he knows dat u like him so much. Ok, tak idea melk ?
- Rapeah Ah Ah -

Kalo aku, aku buat biasa aje. Kalo ade jodoh, tak kemana. Tak payah rush2. Hal confess2 ni sensitive. Story kat mak sapa orang tu, umur brapa dan kat mana ko kenal dia. Hanjeng je. Saja nak rahsiakan dr mak. Story la, sapa dia.
- Amy Corazon -

Image hosting by Photobucket siapakah jejaka misteri ini ? adakah dia yang bertakhta di hati ?


4 jobs
1. Current: Student
2. Practical: Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
3. Part Time: Nil
4. Others: Nil

4 movies I love
1. The Sweetest Thing
2. Brokeback Mountains
3. Hingga Hujung Nyawa
4. My Brother

4 places I've lived
1. Kota Bharu, Kelantan
2. Dungun, Terengganu
3. Ipoh, Perak
4. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

4 TV shows I love to watch
1. Sex & The City
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Queer As Folks
4. American's Next Top Model

4 places I've been on vacation
1. Pulau Pangkor, Perak
2. Ulu Chepor, Perak
3. Cameron Highlands, Pahang
4. Pulau Manukan, Sabah

4 blogs I visit daily
1. Every blog in my beloved friends list
2. Every blog in my favourites list
3. Anyone who is updating his/her blog regularly
4. Randomly pick from the internet

4 favorite foods
1. fried mee
2. chicken rice
3. curry puffs
4. kelantan's style kerabu rice

4 places I'd rather be
1. my home & my room
2. spending time together with loved one
3. karaoke box/bar/club with friends
4. anywhere with interent connection

4 albums I can't live without
1. Ziana Zain
2. Ning Baizura
3. Mariah Carey
4. Whitney Houston

4 vehicles I've owned
1. Bicycle
2. Nil
3. Nil
4. Nil

Additional 4 things that i want in Life before 30
1. Nice job
2. New House
3. New Car
4. Someone to love and grow old with

Monday, March 20, 2006


Last weekend, aku diarahkan oleh supervisor aku untuk menyertai satu program yg dianjurkan oleh Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS) Labuan. Aku ok je. Lagipun aku mmg suka kan aktiviti2 luar ni. Boring gak terperap dlm opis. Bukannya buat apa pun. Mengadap pc sepanjang hari tp tak buat apa2. SV aku pun tade kerja nak bg kat aku. At least, kalo aku join program ni, terisi gak masa terluang aku ni. Ada gak benda nak tulis dlm report aku nnt. Details pasal program ni, korg tgkla gambar kat bawah ni.

Image hosting by Photobucket inilah, banner utk program kali ni

Kiranya, ni program kerjasama antara JAS Labuan & Sabah, disponsor oleh Petronas. Kiranya, aku ni wakil Petronas la dan juga merangkap fasilitator utuk kem ni. Kem ni, disediakan khusus untuk pelajar2 sekolah menengah di Labuan. Sebanyak 4 org pelajar bersama guru pengiring2 dr 9 buah sekolah telah dipilih untuk menyertai kem ni. Keseluruhan peserta adalah 36 org pelajar, 9 org cikgu, 5 org staff Petronas dan lebih 10 orang staff dr JAS Labuan & Sabah.

Image hosting by Photobucket pokok2 bakau dr pandangan seberang sungai

Kem Kesedaran Alam Sekitar (KeKAS) ini bertujuan untuk memupuk kesedaran di kalangan pelajar tentang peri pentingnya aalams ekitar kepada ekosistem dan juga manusia. Modul kali ini, adalah berkaitan ngan paya bakau. Sbb itulah, Kota Klias Wetland, Beaufort telah dipilih sbg lokasi kem.

Image hosting by Photobucket sessi pendaftaran para peserta

Aku telah ditugaskan untuk menguruskan pendaftaran peserta dan juga incharge in door gift giveaway. Door gift kali ini termasuk t-shirt, topi & pembaris berkalkulator Petronas serta sebotol air mineral. manakala, pihak JAS telah menyediakan stationery set utk para peserta.

Image hosting by Photobucket aku & perry, conduct ice-breaking session

pendaftaran selesai, acara ice breaking pun dimulakan. Aku & Perry ditugaskan utk conduct this session. Semasa mendaftar, para pelajar diberikan satu nombor secara rawak dan hendaklah mencari pasangan yg mempunyai nombor yang sama. kemudian, mereka dikehendaki menyoal sesama sendiri akan nama, sekolah, tingkatan,impian di masa depan dan tujuan datang ke kem ini.

Image hosting by Photobucket biasalah, bila dah dpt mic, sure berangan buat konsert

kemudian, mereka akan dipanggil secara berpasangan ke center stage untuk mempekenalkan pasangan mereka kepada umum. dgn cara ini, diharap para peserta dpt lebih mengenali antara satu sama lain. macam2 kerenah dan gelagat lucu dapat disaksikan ketika sessi ini berlangsung

Image hosting by Photobucket tgh dengar opening speech

sebelum itu, upacara pembukaan kem telah dirasmikan oleh MR. Mahamud dr JAS Labuan dan diteruskan dgn ucapan alau-aluan dr beliau. biasala kan, bila ucapan sajork, mesti muka mengantok.

Image hosting by Photobucket mr. tadius, tgh bg briefing pasal aktiviti2

after ice breaking session, Mr. tadius took over from mc and gave a short briefing about this camp. Students were divided into 5 groups and each groups will be led by 2 fasilitators. Cikgu Nazrina & me were assigned to group 5 which formed by 5 members.

Image hosting by Photobucket inilah 1st LDK, main passing2 tali

Then, Mr. tadius asked all students to assemble outside the hall and lined up in group. He conducted a number games that i thought a lil bit tuff for the students. below is one of the games. Game apa ni, aku pun tak tau la. sgt suspicious motif game ni. hehehe

Image hosting by Photobucket barisan fasilitator, tgh memerhati kan students2 berLDK

fasilitator pulak, just berdiri dan melihat sajork. nak joins ekali tp mr. tadius tak ajak pun. haih, very der tak bg pluang nak jd budak sekolah balik. dan ada sorang cikgu yg nayah, yg beria2 nak join. mmg aku dpt detect kepeclobannya tp cikgu ni, dipanggil ustaz. so how ? ustaz nayah ?

Image hosting by Photobucket tgh pose kat common hall @ tempat makan di tepi sungai

pastu, lunch hour time, sempatla gak aku snap2 gambar aku sorg kat tepi river lodge kafe ni. mujurlah ada meimoan, leh gak mintak tolong jd camerawoman. saja je nak amik gambar berlatarbelakangkan hutan paya bakau ni.

Image hosting by Photobucket aku, husband kak linda(wan) & perry tgh minum petang

sepanjang kem ni, makan 6 kali sehari. meriah !!! haih, tak kurus2 la aku mcm ni. ni tgh minum petang. makanan yg disediakan pun sedap2 belaka. mana tak bertambah2 aku makan. hehehe....

Image hosting by Photobucket dlm boat, tgh river cruising waktu senja. ni, namanya zack. student dlm group aku

aktiviti river cruising yg pertama adalah pada waktu senja. kiranya, nak tgkla apa binatang yg kuar pada waktu malam. pastu, students2 ni kena buat report la, apa yg diorang nampak dan dengar semasa crusing tu. tp malangnya, hujan renyai2 turun malam tu. so, nan ado binatangnya. last2, posse je la dlm boat sambil snap2 gambar.

Image hosting by Photobucket cikgu nazrina & atiqah. cikgu nazrina ialah partner aku, sesama jd fasi utk kumpulan 5

lepas river cruising tu, each group kena design their own logo, motto dan juga nama kumpulan. group aku namanya RIZHOPORA SPP. motto group plak, WE CARE, WE SHARE. logo plak, adalah gabungan pokok bakau ngan logo petronas. honestly, aku rs buruk sgt logo tu tp nak buat camne. budak2 tu nak logo camtu, aku ok jela.

Image hosting by Photobucket group aku, tgh buat presentation, psl logo dan nama kumpulan

hari kedua pulak, kena buat aktiviti berkaitan dgn deria rasa melalui kulit. LDK ni secara berpasangan dan mata mestilah ditutup sambil pasangan bertanyakan soalan2 yg berkaitan dan "si buta" hendakla menjawab soalan2 berkenaan ngan menggunanakan deria rasa mereka. fun gakla LDK ni. aku pun snap2 la gambar ahli2 group aku. macam2 posse diorang bagi.

Image hosting by Photobucket doreen & nazura (bertutup mata), tgh buat ujikaji pasal pokok.

Image hosting by Photobucket ini pulak, si atiqah & hazlina (bertutup mata) tgh buat aktiviti yg sama

Image hosting by Photobucket hafiz tgh mencatat apa yg zikri rasa pasal pokok tu

Image hosting by Photobucket meimoan tgh pose cantik ngan student2 nyer

then, diorang diberi topik pasal perindustrian petroleum, dan membincangkan apakah kesan baik dan buruk industri itu kepada alam sekitar. riuh gakla group aku ni berbincang. dan ada gak yg blur pasal tajuk ni. terpaksala aku bg explanation dan tolong dioreang siapkan LDK tu. tapi aku tak buat la, aku just bg idea2 jela.

Image hosting by Photobucket the next LDK, my group kena buat carta pasal perindustrian petroleum.

dan pada petang hari kedua, aktiviti river cruising diadakan lagi utk kali kedua. tapi, kali ni lagi malang. hujan turun sgt lebat. hayooo!!!! very der tade tuah sgt. dahla group aku naik boat paling last dan masa tula, hujan start lebat. choi je !!!! tujuan cruising kali ini, adalah untuk membuat kajian pasal hutan paya bakau, ciri2 buah, daun dan akar pokok2 di paya bakau ni. tp, sama cam semalam. nan ado. mujurla, masa trip sebelah pagi sudah diambil siap2 daun2, buah2 pokok2 di paya bakau ni. last2, jadi sessi berposing sakan atas boat jela.

Image hosting by Photobucket me & my students tgh river cruising dalam hujan

Image hosting by Photobucket konon2 nyer tgh drive boat la ni...

Image hosting by Photobucket back : hafiz, zikri & zack. front : mac

Image hosting by Photobucket the girls tgh posing main2 air

LDK last, students must complete some questionnaire about alam sekitar. kiranya, LDK ni adalah utk memastikan sebaik manakah pengurusan alams ekitar yg telah diamalkan oleh mereka. selain itu, LDK ni juga...ingin menguji kefahama students berkenaan recycle, reusable, recoverable, reduce, thrown away, bio-degradable & degradable. terbelit gak lidah aku nak bg explanation kat budak2 ni. terpaksalah aku mencari ayat yg paling mudah difahami mereka.

Image hosting by Photobucket tgh siapkan LDK yg ke-6

dan, korang nak tau apakah keistimewaan river lodge proboscis di kota klias wetland ni ? di sini terdapatnya proboscis monkey, only in borneo. tade kat tempat lain. kiranya, aku beruntung dpt tgk binatang ni secara live. walaupun tidak dapat tgk secara dekat, tp at least sku still nampak ngan mata aku sendiri. mujurlah mr. david ada kamera yg leh zoom. nak harap kamera aku, nan ado. very der ada digital zoom je, optical nan ado. *matilah mak, beli makera ben-q sajork. bg aku, binatang ni, macam menakutkan sajork. dahla hidung besar sampai menutupi mulut. sekali imbas, nampak mcm mat susly plak. *matilah mak, sapa taste mat susly.

Image hosting by Photobucket inilah monyet belanda yg hanya terdapat di borneo sahaja. nama saintifik, proboscis. nama setempat, bayau

inilah tempat penginapanku. chalet dr susunan rotan, queen bed dan mujurlah ada air-cond. kat sini, very derr panas waktu siang pastu ujan bila petang. pastu, bila malam sejuk menggigil. *matilah mak, demam tak baik2 sampai skrg.

Image hosting by Photobucket inilah chalet utk fasilitator

last day, macam biasalah...session pemberian hadiah. dan tak disangka, group aku dpt group terbaik drpd 5 group tu. yeay!!! happy sgt2 aku, walaupun aku tak menang. tp at least, group aku. so, okla kan nak happy2. my group pun bagi aku hadiah tabung yg diorang dpt tu, dan stationery set utk cikgu Nazrina. mujurlah ada lebih satu. kalo tak, mrasalah mak, gigit jari nak tabung. of course, aku pun ada dpt hadiah. dpt cenderamata drpd JAS Labuan sbb aku jd fasilitator.

Image hosting by Photobucket yeay!!! dapat cenderamata penghargaan sbg fasilitator

sepanjang kem ni, sempatla gak aku scanning students2 ni. adalah sorg dua yg cando tp sbb budak2 lagi jadi aku tak berminat. lagipun, aku tak reti nak approach budak2. unless kalo budak2 approach aku (mcm morgan), leh la gak aku bg response. so, aku bertukar2 no ngan fasilitator sajork. nnt, bila ke labuan, sng la aku nnt. dah ada tmpt tinggal. yeke ? ke ada hidden intention ? hehehe...