Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Now u can see that i am smiling beautifully to you. It means dat, i am already recovered from da bad fever. Thank God for giving me back my good health.

I am also giving away my "thank you" words to people who come over for visit although the purpose, not really pay me a "visit". Anyway, i have to thanked them for giving "good exercise" which make me sweat all nite long and speed up my recovering process.

Still, i have to say thank you to Hoda and Daia who dropped by and visit me although I have to drag my weak body and hot head to Sop Melethop Restaurant because they didnt wannt to see me at my home instead choosing that restaurant. Luckily, I also can exercise my eyes and mouth at Sop Meletop Restaurant but causing me new pain, neck pain. Coz i have to turn my head 90 degrees to scan any hot and living creatures who ate nearby. Thanked again Hoda for sponsoring da dinner. Thanked to Deja who joined in at very last minute altho the meting session was dragged until one hour later after Deja's arrival.

Now, in this green shirt with big mouth.....i am smiling coz i regain my good health back. My eyes are smiling too but u cant see them coz it was hidden behind the sunglasses.

p/s : this picture was taken at Tesco Ampang, long before I got fever. I put this picture since I have no recent decent picture which showed my sweet smile. For your information, with this green shirt which has big mouth and lipstick, I managed to score a hit. With this shirt, someone surrender to me on da nite when i wore this very cheap shirt :)

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