Wednesday, September 29, 2010


U have been unfair to me. U don’t have time for me when I really need my best friend.

i always be there for you regardless of what kind relationship that u have.

But, I understand ur situation. U already settle down and u have other commitments to focus on and I cant be selfish.

maybe u don’t realize that I am the last person in our circle that involve with relationship. U and A even “changed” partner for more than once. (kapel sebulan tak kira sbg relationship). I even saw the process and always stand by both of you throughout the time. (I believe, A don’t even need me to be the crying shoulder since he is the strongest link and he has the ability of emotion compartmentalizing. Even, I never see A's tears. maybe coz i need him to always be my crying shoulder. i am selfish, rite ?)

As a comparison, this is my first relationship that I can consider as real. Living together for about one year and we broke up on the 23rd of September 2010, which is 1 year and 23 days before it end. That is why, I really need my best friends' shoulder to cry on. Maybe all of us have our own commitments which make things more difficult. I cant run easily to u or A, to cry out loud, just like before.

Maybe, both of u already bosan ngan benda2 mcm ni, since korg berdua dah melaluinya lebih awal. But it is unfair to me since both of u don’t give me the chance to feel what u already felt before. Maybe it is too late since all of us already 28years old and forgive me if I just having this experience at this age. It sound nonsense and funny since this is coming from me, the one who previously not believe in relationship.


Ponen Norlita said...

Dear Izzu,

Considering the facts that u have managed to pull this off for over a year is a cause for celebrations rather than continously treating it as horrid past. The most important thing is to treat it as life - enriching experiences. You just have to get up and pull the rein closer to you.

Remember that relationship is an investment therefore capital gain and risk need to be properly managed (awat nasihat so clinical ni)

Tunggulah kepulangan we ol akhir bulan ini!

Love always
Azlan Shah Hussain

Cik_Noor said...

Jangan putus asa,
teruskan hidup,

kadang-kasang menangis nie boleh menghilangkan stress

Zal said...

ixxu, kak seri harap ixxu akan menghadapi nya dgn penuh ketabahan

izzu said...

to azlan shah hussein : thanks for da advice. yes, i shud think in the positive way. yeah, u r right, every investment has risk. maybe i am not that prepared to face the unexpected risk

to cik noor : betul2, setuju ngan cik noor, mmg ilang stress

to zal : thanks lina, i am trying very hard