Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cancer with Aries Match Making

[Cancer : June 22-July 22 ]

[ Aries : March 21-April 19]

Your sign, Cancer, gets a career boost from an association with Aries. Natives of Aries affect that part of your solar horoscope connected with prestige, career, and ambitions. The Mars of Aries acts as an electric charge; you Set going, you quicken the pace, you sell, you drive, and you declare yourself "in the race." Aries, nevertheless, can help set you up in business. Aries can show you how to utilize your assets.

At times, Aries sets too fast a pace; this causes you to become apprehensive. You want to be sure of security; you check before taking a major step. But, with Aries, you are in business, an entrepreneur. Your standing in the community rises; your ambitions become realities. Yet, with all this potential, there is emotional conflict. A major conflict could arise where your home is concerned. Aries might choose one place, one area you could select something entirely different.

The fiery temperament of Aries and the receptivity of the Water element of your sign do not mix. The relationship succeeds on all fronts only if both Aries and Cancer are mature. Also, if other aspects between the charts (requiring horoscope comparison) are harmonious. Basically, the relationship could spark activity, but could also end up as a flask in the pan.

Aries and Cancer become impatient with each other. You find that Aries encourages you one minute, and then offers criticism. If you are a woman, an Aries man will kelp you attain commercial success. There is also a degree of physical attraction, although it is not over- whelming. If you are a Cancer man, the Aries woman could nag you until you better your position in life.

You can both - Cancer and Aries - exhibit a stub- born streak. Neither one is an angel. And you could certainly learn from each other. If you feel adventurous, Cancer, give it a try!

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